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Sparkling cider from Asturias organically produced and accredited by COPAE. Asturias products of great quality due to the raw material used in their production, and for the artisan production techniques used to make them.

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The organically produced M. Busto sparkling cider is an Asturias beverage made by Sidra Mayador, an Asturias cider mill founded in 1939 by Manuel Busto Amandi in La Rasa (Villaviciosa).

The cider mill responsible for making this organic sparkling Asturias cider has always showed great concern for innovation and marketing of Asturias beverages and apple derivatives. The result of this effort is that Sidra Mayador was one of the first cider exporters in the 1970s.

M. Busto organically produced sparkling cider is accredited by the Asturias Principality Organic Agricultural Production Council (COPAE), has an alcohol volume slightly higher than 4% and, like any sparkling beverage, is perfect to accompany a meal or a dinner, or to enjoy it as an aperitif or as a complement to desserts.

This sparkling cider has fine and persistent bubbles that sparkle and a pleasant straw colour that offers a clean and bright presence in the glass. On the nose, it has a medium intensity and a frank and clearly fruity flavour of fresh apples and finally, on the mouth the mellow M. Busto cider has the character of a fine sparkling drink that, after the initial carbon, presents an aftertaste of a balanced cider in which the fruity aromas noted in the olfactory tasting once again appear.


Manuel Busto organic cider is presented in the classic glass bottle in 75 cl format.

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