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6,30 €

Brut nature sparkling cider made by Guzmán Riestra using traditional artisan methods from quality apples.

4,45 €

Brut cider made by Sidra Trabanco from a selection of very ripe apples fermented at low temperature in chestnut barrels. An ideal drink to accompany snacks, garden produce and desserts.

16,55 €

Asturias ice cider made in the Sidra Cortina Cider Press. Cortina ice cider is produced from selected Asturias apples at a very advanced point of ripeness, a key step for the final product to reach the excellent flavour that an Asturias press demands in any of its beverages.

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El Gaitero
6,86 €

Pomarina Brut cider is a beverage made by the El Gaitero Group from Asturias apples that meet the conditions of the Asturias Cider Protected Designation of Origin.

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El Gaitero
5,65 €

 Foamy cider made with Asturias apples. This is a natural cider made from a mixture of typically Asturias apples such as Teórica, Raxao, Perico and Regona.

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