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Vinegar made from natural Asturias cider, organically produced with accreditation from the COPAE.

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Camín cider vinegar is an Asturias vinegar made from natural cider transformed using a natural acetification process with no additives. The liquid resulting from this process rests in traditional barrels of chestnut wood for a minimum period of four years.

The natural cider used to make Camín cider vinegar is made with select Asturias apple varieties with a specific proportion of sweet and bitter apples.

This product has a pleasant amber colour and releases a classic acetic aroma reminiscent of the fresh apples used to make it, nuances also present in the acidity that are noted on the mouth.

Camín cider vinegar is an Asturias product made by Sidra Trabanco, a renowned Asturias cider mill founded in 1925 in Lavandera, a small village of 70 inhabitants located in the council of Gijón. With a great cider tradition, Sidra Trabanco has passed down all of its knowledge from generation to generation to help conserve the culture of cider and promote development of the Asturias rural areas by fostering the cultivation of apple orchards.

In addition to different natural ciders, Sidra Trabanco has maintained an innovative spirit by offering high-quality handmade products to the market, such as Camín cider vinegar.


Camín organic cider vinegar is presented in a 25 cl glass bottle.

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