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La Polar
2,15 €

Marinated, premium-size Spanish mussels. The product includes 4-6 mussels.

La Polar
2,55 €

An authentic Spanish dish of scallops in seafood sauce made using traditional artisan methods. The scallops are first cleaned to remove any impurities so that customers can enjoy a product of exceptional quality.

La Polar
3,95 € -20% 3,16 €

Real green cabbage, selected and in a natural preserve so you can add it to your Asturias and traditional bean stews. Withan exclusive quality, it can be used in many dishes when cooking, from creams and soups or to chickpea stews with cod or clams.

La Polar
3,60 €

Because in Spanish cuisine is not all tradition, but also innovation and new trends, surprise yourself with the intense flavor of these seaweeds that you can use in scrambles and other recipes of pasta or fish to intensify their flavor to the sea.

La Polar
6,50 €

Authentic Albacore tuna belly carefully selected and canned in olive oil and salt.

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