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1,80 €

A traditional beer hand-made using organic ingredients in Asturias.

1,90 €

Vinegar made from natural Asturias cider, organically produced with accreditation from the COPAE.  

2,50 €

Asgaya toasted organic beer is an Asturias beer made using traditional organic production methods in the town of Grado, located in the central area of ​​Asturias where, along with other areas and bordering towns, Afuega’l Pitu PDO cheese is also produced.

2,50 €

Traditionally made Asturias craft beer. Asgaya blonde beer is an organically produced Asturias drink that is completely handmade, with quality guarantees accredited by COPAE (Asturias Principality Organic Agricultural Production Council).

2,75 €

Natural organic cider from Asturias. Perfect to pour at height and enjoy the region's most international drink.

3,00 €

Organically produced Asturias cider vinegar certified by the COPAE.

3,30 €

Sparkling cider from Asturias organically produced and accredited by COPAE. Asturias products of great quality due to the raw material used in their production, and for the artisan production techniques used to make them.

Tierra Astur
3,50 €

An exclusive jelly made from 100% Asturias (Spain) organic apple cider, manufactured by the Agrecoastur organic farmers’ cooperative. The product concentration is 74 g of fruit per 100 g of product, with a total sugar content of 26%.    

3,52 €

Sweet Spanish cider, made by pressing, decanting and pasteurising the most obtained from organically grown cider apples. Very sweet and refreshing taste.

4,30 €

Jam made from organically produced apples from Asturias.

4,30 €

Jam made from organically produced kiwi fruit from Asturias.

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4,50 €

Homemade biscuits made with organic chocolate. Delicious and healthy; ideal for the whole family. Treat yourself at any time of the day with these organic biscuits from Asturias.

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