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Organically produced Asturias cider vinegar certified by the COPAE.

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Agrecoastur cider vinegar is an Asturias organically produced vinegar that is made from natural cider as the main ingredient, transferred to an acetifier barrel in which it is transformed into vinegar thanks to the natural cider's contact with the old vines that this Asturias cooperative uses to produce this organic dressing ingredient made in Asturias.

Due to the organic produce and the traditional artisan methods used to make it, the time that the liquid has to rest in oak and chestnut casks varies until it reaches the exact point required to offer a quality product to the market with a minimum degree of 5% acidity.

Agrecoastur is an Asturias cooperative founded in 2007 in the east of Asturias in an area known as Comarca de la Sidra (cider region) and which integrates a group of artisan producers of the Asturias agri-food sector who use purely organic production methods.

Agrecoastur cider vinegar is an Asturias product that is different from traditional vinegar; softer and with acidic and fresh nuances reminiscent of Asturias apples, the fruit from which the natural Asturias cider used to manufacture this organic Asturias vinegar is made.


This organic Agrecoastur cider vinegar is presented in a 50 cl glass bottle.

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