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Natural organic cider from Asturias. Perfect to pour at height and enjoy the region's most international drink.

Alimentos del paraíso

Muñis organically produced natural cider is made in Tiñana (Siero) by Sidra Muñis, an Asturias cider mill founded in 1934. The cider mill also has 15 hectares of its own orchards in which different varieties of Asturias apples are harvested, all covered by the Sidra de Asturias Protected Designation of Origin. Also, since they are cultivated, harvested and conserved in a totally natural and organic way, they are also accredited by the Asturias Principality Organic Agricultural Production Council (COPAE).

This organic drink has an alcohol volume of 6% and the correct temperature for serving cider is between 10ºC and 12ºC. The best way to serve natural cider is by a professional waiter or an enthusiast who has learned the technique of pouring cider at height, an art that differentiates Asturias from any other region in the world that offers similar beverages. To pour natural cider from Asturias, a decalogue of rules endorsed by the main Asturias cider mills, Asturias cider houses and by the Sidra de Asturias Protected Designation of Origin Regulatory Council must be scrupulously observed.

If there is no one available to manually pour the Muñis natural organic cider, this online store also offers quality automatic pourers.

Natural cider is part of Slow Food Ark of Taste, so, in addition to consuming a sustainable and quality product, you will also be supporting organic producers.

Muñis organically produced natural cider is a 100% natural drink with a short fermentation process, 6% alcohol volume and no added sugars or any other ingredient, natural or otherwise. The juice is made exclusively from native Asturias apples fermented naturally with minimum aging before bottling. recommends responsible consumption.


Muñis natural cider is presented in the classic Asturias natural cider bottle; the patented bottle has a serial number that makes it unique and can be kept as a souvenir.

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