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3,30 €

Exclusive hake roe packaged in spanish olive oil and salt, without additives.

6,30 €

Marmitako tuna stew is a typical Spanish dish with tuna as the main ingredient. It is a traditional stew made with skipjack tuna, potatoes, onions and tomatoes cooked in olive oil.

6,75 €

Delicious tuna rolls prepared according to a traditional Spanish recipe combining Spanish Albacore tuna, ham, olives, onion, white wine, pepper, egg, fish stock, olive oil, garlic and salt. Ready to heat slowly and serve.

7,15 €

Green beans with king prawns is a Spanish recipe cooked using traditional artisan methods with high-quality spanish green beans, cooked with prawns, scarlet shrimp, onion, white wine, food colouring and salt.

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