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The perfect gift for lovers of flavours with personality. Combine one of the cheeses with more character, the Casín PDO from Redes, with two products that fit perfectly: the sweet cider liqueur and the wild boar pâté.


Three artisan asturian products to surprise your friends, family or commitments with the taste and scent of Casín cheese and friends.  

The gift pack Casín and company contains:


  • Sweet cider liqueur Tierra Astur (20 cl)


  • Wild boar pâté L’Arbeyal (100gr)


  • Artisan cheese PDO Casín (220-250 grs)


The raw cow milk from the Casín PDO cheese, its intense flavour, the light texture of the wild boar pâté and the freshness of the sweet cider liqueur is the perfect combination for a gift pack thought for the risky palates.

Casín and friends is presented in a cardboard box.

From, we recommend a responsible alcohol consumption.