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The Faro ceramic sugar bowl measures approximately 17 centimetres diameter and 19 centimetres high, which may vary slightly due to the handmade nature of its production.


This piece has a very striking decoration, in which the characteristic bands of Faro pottery, two green stripes and a yellow centre, appear.

The bands are repeated three times; the first at the top, the second in the middle and the third at the bottom of the sugar bowl, with a border of natural motifs between the latter two.

Up until the twentieth century, the tool used to mould the pieces was the hand wheel, which greatly complicated the process. José Vega “Lito”, father of the only potter who now continues the activity, introduced the standing wheel, which enabled more modern pieces, like this one, to be created.

After this moulding, the parts are placed into a kiln for firing. This kiln has two main parts, the firing chamber which is where the pottery is placed, and the cauldron into which the fuel is placed.

Some pieces are double-fired to improve their resistance and finish.

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