Tierra Astur

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Author: José Díaz, foreword by Odile Rodriguez of the editorial source: Lunwerg Publishers (2008) “Mi Cabaña, Mi Mundo” (My Cabin, My World) is an exclusive, large-format edition with impactful photographic content, proposing a tour of the flora and fauna of this unique natural space, plus the towns, ‘brañas’ (high-mountain grazing pastures) and the people who inhabit this unique natural paradise in Asturias.

In the book “Mi Cabaña, Mi Mundo,” José Díaz has compiled an extraordinary visual experience of the richness of a park that illustrates the natural heritage of Asturias and the people’s emotional relationship with their territory.

Parque Natural de Redes has been a protected extension since 1996, with a surface area of ​​about thirty-eight thousand hectares occupied by the councils of Caso and Sobrescobio, located in the eastern centre of the Cantabrian mountain range, south of Asturias.