vacuno mayor 

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8,75 €

Enjoy this very special cordon bleu with 100% Asturias flavours and distinguished with the quality brand Alimentos del Paraíso Natural. This is an Asturias cordon bleu made from Asturias Vacuno Mayor beef and filled with TINEO ‘CHOSCO’ PGI CURED MEAT and Ovín Cheese breaded in cornmeal.

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8,95 €

Bienastur mature beef longaniza sausage made from lean mature Asturias beef, pork and La Vera paprika. The mixture is smoked with oak wood and filled in natural casing. The resulting product is an exquisitely flavoured and unique, quality sausage that is perfect to serve as an appetiser or on a charcuterie board.

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9,40 €

Authentic Asturias mince made from beef and seasoned using traditional methods. Beef mince is a dish with great roots in Asturias and served in some of the most traditional dishes.

12,50 €

Asturias Beef sirloin butchered by Productos de Asturias master butchers and from animals of Asturias breeds, born, raised and butchered in the principality.

14,50 €

Authentic Asturias Vacuno Mayor Asturiano fillers expertly cut by the team Productos de Asturias master butchers. Asturias meat of the quality Vacuno Mayor brand is guaranteed by the Asturias Beef Protected Geographical Indication. It is recommended to serve it grilled or fried, with a side of chips or salad and salt to taste.

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