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Homemade biscuits made with organic chocolate. Delicious and healthy; ideal for the whole family. Treat yourself at any time of the day with these organic biscuits from Asturias.


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The Madretierra chocolate biscuits are organically produced in Ladines, a town located in the council of Sobrescobio in the heart of the Redes Natural Park in Eastern Asturias. This small Asturias company is known for the quality of the breads and the pastries that it produces using traditional methods with purely organic ingredients.

All of the organically certified breads and pastries are mainly made from Asturias wheat, rye and spelt flour, all of high quality, that result in products such as Madretierra chocolate biscuits that have the quality demanded by those who expect high quality in the organic products they purchase.

The supplier of these products has the honour of being the first Asturias bakery to obtain the certificate that proves that the raw materials used to make its breads come from organic crops; a clear indicator of the commitment made to sustainable development of the land and of rural areas.

Madretierra chocolate biscuits combine the tradition of a traditional village biscuit made with milk, butter and the finest wheat flour; in this case with a proportion of whole wheat flour and semi-processed flour, complemented with rich dark chocolate chips.

Visually, the product is clearly traditionally made with evident presence of chocolate. It has a warm, toasted aroma with buttery notes. On the palate, the Madretierra chocolate biscuit is crisp, flavoursome and has distinctive textures that give its main role to the fine flours.


The Madretierra organic chocolate biscuits are packaged in a traditional bakery format with a weight of 200 g. Thus the package clearly showcases the content and the traditionally made touch of these homemade, organic chocolate biscuits.

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