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Ecological Asturian spelt flour milled in a 100% traditional way by Molinos Retuerta.


Guaranteed by the quality certification Foods from Natural Paradise and the ecological certification COPAE, the escanda or spelt stands out for its high nutritional value.


Weight: between 900 gr and 1 kg approximately. 

Molinos de Retuerta mills in a 100% artisanal way the authentic autochthonous spelt from Asturias certified by COPAE. Using the low speed water, the french rocks of the mill scratch the cereal to obtain a spelt that respects the grain’s own characteristics. The cereal is then winnowed in a fine mesh sieve to obtain the result: a 100% ecological spelt wheat.


The asturian spelt has a 50% more of protein than wheat and is a healthier option for bakery and muffled food.


The spelt flour or the ecological spelt one is presented in a paper bag of around 1 kg weight.

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