Tierra del Artesano

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Exquisite dark chocolate filled with apple cream.

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Tierra del Artesano chocolates with apple filling, a new product line in the manufacturer's handmade sweets in the Crivencar online store, are the perfect after-dinner complement or just to treat yourself; a temptation that you absolutely must succumb to at least once in your life!

To make the sweets, dark chocolate made with a minimum of 50% cocoa is the structure that is filled with a subtle apple cream whose sweet flavour balances the bitterness of dark chocolate in each sublime bite.

This product pairs perfectly with any of the brut or ice ciders available in the online store. Its gluten-free preparation makes it ideal for people with coeliac dietary requirements.


Tierra del Artesano chocolates filled with apple cream are presented in a glass jar containing 200 grams of chocolates. Each chocolate is wrapped individually to ensure that they retain all their properties until they are served.
The presentation detail makes this product perfect to give away as a hand made gift.

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