Camilo de Blas

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Authentic Carbayón pastries from Oviedo made in the famous Camilo de Blas confectioners. Almond cake and egg yolk on a crispy puff pastry base.


One of the most well-known pastries in Asturias is the carbayón pastry and the best ones can be found in our gourmet online store prepared by Camilo de Blas, the renowned confectioners of Oviedo that has been operating since 1914.

This Asturias sweet pastry consists of a small puff pastry boat, very crispy thanks to its three folds, filled with a juicy and delicate mixture made from ground marcona almonds, egg, lemon and sweet wine or anise. The puff pastry filling is finished with royal icing, a delicious crispy covering made with sugar that adds texture to one of the best-known pastries in Asturias.

This hand-made carbayón pastry was created at the beginning of the 1930s when the owner of the confectioner commissioned the pastry master to make a pastry that represented the essence of Oviedo and its people. They decided to call it a carbayón pastry because this is the Asturias term for oak tree and the most famous carbayón of Asturias was in front of the Campoamor Theatre, the main cultural point of Oviedo. It all started with this anecdote.

Visually, the carbayón has a pleasant yellow hue with aromas of baked egg yolks and natural almond aroma. On the palate, this Asturias sweet pastry combines two crispy textures: puff pastry and royal icing, with a juicy almond and egg yolk filling of great quality, subtle and with perfect balance in its sweetness.


Camilo de Blas carbayón pastries are packaged in a cardboard box containing six carefully placed Asturias pastries.

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