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Asturias honey produced by bees in a completely natural way from the nectar from heather flowers. Made to a very high standard, it is presented in a bottle with a non-drip dispenser so that it is easy to serve, ideal for sweetening your coffees and infusions, for use in baking, or to accompany a good loaf of hand-made bread.

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La Puela is a small Asturias town located in the council of Pola de Allande. Most of the territory occupied by its 2,000 inhabitants is declared a Protected Landscape thanks to the value of the thousand-year-old yew trees that populate its forests, as well as the richness of its diverse and autochthonous forest.

Miel La Puela takes its name from the town in which it is located. Tradition and wisdom have been perpetuated over time to result in an artisan honey of extraordinary quality made using traditional artisan techniques, as well as the care and attention that La Puela lends to the beehives scattered throughout many of the forests of south-western Asturias.

Heather, of which there are about 600 known species, is a small shrub with a white, purple or pink flower and a small fruit divided into capsules. Heather honey, as well as heather infusions, is the most common and well-known use for the flower's nectar. Its health benefits are well known to include anti-inflammatory properties and even as a natural substance to help with cancer prevention and treatment.

Heather honey is not usually fermented because it has the consistency of a gelatine that becomes liquid when it is stirred for a few seconds. La Puela heather honey has an intense flavour and a dark amber colour with a lot of personality.

A totally natural product suitable for those with coeliac disorders. It does not need to be refrigerated even once opened.


La Puela heather honey is bottled in a jar with a non-drip dispenser weighing 350 grams.


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