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Asturias honey made from the nectar of the eucalyptus flower by beehives that dot the forests of south-western Asturias. With a light amber colour, eucalyptus honey has a pleasant and intense wood aroma; a unique and authentic flavour to sweeten your favourite moments, while taking care of your health with this totally natural product.

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Miel La Puela is an Asturias company that has produced traditionally made honeys since 1983 in the town of Puela in Pola de Allande. However, the search for knowledge to produce quality artisana-made honey began much earlier, around 1941, when the founders of the company began to take an interest in beekeeping as children.

La Puela eucalyptus honey is a light amber coloured Asturias honey, with greenish notes, with a pleasant flavour, intense and persistent aroma of wet wood that rounds in the mouth thanks to the sweet taste with acid nuances. A unique, authentic flavour that materialises from the miracle of nature, a handmade honey.

Presented in a jar with a non-drip dispenser, it is easy to serve and enjoy at any time of the day as a sweetener in your coffees and infusions, in pastries, in the traditional honey drinks that grandmothers "prescribed" for colds.

The beekeepers manually extract the raw product from the panels in beehives located in the southwest of Asturias. Once the panel is removed, the layer of wax that protects the honey is removed. The honey is obtained using a simple centrifuge process and is filtered several times to remove any natural impurities and also to separate sedimentation and break up the bubbles that are trapped during the centrifuge.

The secret to making honey is in controlling the working temperatures, since warming the product in any of the steps of the process alters its properties. La Puela honey has perfected this process to offer an Asturias honey of great quality, totally natural and very healthy.

La Puela eucalyptus honey is suitable for those with coeliac disorders and does not need to be refrigerated, even after being opened.


 La Puela eucalyptus honey is bottled in a 350 g jar with non-drip dispenser.


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