Tierra del Artesano

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Dark chocolate block (56% cocoa) with toasted hazelnuts.

The range of Tierra del Artesano chocolates is one of the best-selling sweets in the online store, with excellent value for money.

Dark chocolate with hazelnuts is made following the traditional recipe for making chocolate, starting with a minimum of 56% cocoa content, combined with roasted hazelnuts that are selected with the care and consideration that a product of this quality requires. The classic combination of cocoa with the warm, toasted and authentic nuances of hazelnut makes this Tierra del Artesano dark chocolate with hazelnuts one of our richest chocolates.

Presented in 300 grams blocks, Tierra del Artesano dark chocolate with hazelnuts is a product designed with a rustic touch. It is the perfect gift to give as a surprise or in a hamper of Asturias products and, like all excellent chocolates, it is perfect to serve after a good lunch or dinner.

his chocolate is visually very evocative thanks to its very dark brown, almost black, colour with bright flashes, uniform and with no bubbles, characteristics that indicate the quality of the raw material used and the excellent result of the final product. 

A chocolate with a firm touch, it has the classic brittle sound when spilt that indicates the product's compacted firmness. It has intense aromas that indicate the quality of the chocolate in each bite, with the clearly bitter nuances of the cocoa and with the toasted sparkles of the hazelnut, both perfectly balanced.

It is advisable to store the Tierra del Artesano dark chocolate with hazelnuts in a cool, dry place until it is served. It is presented carefully wrapped in brown paper with a waxed paper wrapping for food contact as well as aluminium foil, which guarantees that the product will retain all of its properties until the time it is served.


Tierra del Artesano dark chocolate with hazelnuts is packaged in a 300 g block.

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