Queseria Toriello

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One of the most famous cheeses, without a doubt, of all Asturias craft cheese production. Gamonéu PDO cheese is made from either a blend of milks or just one; in this case goat's milk.

It is an even more exclusive variety of Gamonéu PDO cheese that deserves a tasting. Produced from raw milk, smoked and matured in natural caves, this cheese is optimal for those who love unique flavours.


Gamonéu PDO cheese is made in the municipalities of Onís and Cangas de Onís with milk from one or more types of animals; in this case goat. It is a cheese with distinctive smoky aromas from its smoking process using noble woods prior to maturing in caves.

Gamonéu del Valle PDO cheese has a rough rind that quickly denotes its powerful flavour. When cut, it has a yellowish colour with light sporadic bluish streaks closer to the edge. Its flavour is unique and quickly recognisable even by cheese tasters with only a little experience, with distinctive smoky notes and a slight spicy final touch, more present as the cheese matures with age.

The Gamonéu del Valle PDO cheese from the Toriello cheese factory is presented in 500 g vacuum-packed wedges. It is recommended to remove the cheese from the refrigerator and its packaging at least half an hour before serving.

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