Quesería La Collada

8,85 €

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Asturias traditionally-made cheese made by the La Collada cheese factory, originally from the council of Amieva, in eastern Asturias. This cheese is made from raw cow, sheep and goat's milk cheese, which gives it a unique flavour.

It is a semi-cured cheese with a hard rind, a clean cut and an ivory white colour, slightly darker going closer to the rind.

La Collada three-milk cheese is vacuum packed in approximately 350 g wedges.


La Collada three-milk cheese may not be one of the best-known varieties made by this Amieva craft cheese factory, but it is undoubtedly a great cheese rich in nuances owing to the blend of three raw milks.

It is a semi-cured cheese with a hard, rough rind and a very attractive appearance. When cut, it has a clean appearance, with few eyes, which makes it highly aesthetic for presenting wedge-shaped on your best cheese boards.

Keep refrigerated once opened. 

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