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Pack of two bottles of Ordum beer. This Asturias drink is a blonde lager beer, made using traditional artisan techniques, with a low alcohol content and ideal for beer lovers as well as occasional consumers.

Lager Ordum beer is packaged in four 33 cl bottles.


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Lager Ordum craft beer is another example of the rapid progress in the small breweries in Asturias that are increasingly producing products of the highest quality that are very interesting to discover.

Lager Ordum beer is the first release of this small factory, which has opted for the most-served variety worldwide as an entry point into the beer world.

It undergoes a short and cold fermentation process and is made from Borines water. Lager Ordum beer uses a special yeast that reacts at low temperatures.

In its technical advances in production are also used in the process, while maintaining the traditional values of artisan techniques. On the mouth it is mild with slightly sweet nuances thanks to a good balance between the malt and the hops (Saaz variety), which give this beer the bitter nuances and the slightly dry and aromatic aftertaste.

Serve very cold.

Alcohol content approximately 4% (this may vary depending on the production batch, given that the beer is made using traditional artisan methods).

Productosdeasturias.com recommends responsible consumption.

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