Molín del Nora

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Asturias whiskey made by El Molín del Nora distillery and aged for 10 years in oak barrels. El Molín del Nora barrel whiskey has distinctive smoky touches and a straw colour and leaves fruit, oak and spice notes on the mouth.

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Molín del Nora Gran Reserva whiskey is the result of a ten-year aging process in barrels with different types of wood: American, French and Asturias oak.

It is precisely the quality of the wood that permeates a characteristic aroma and smoky touch to the new blended whiskey, which acquires an intense straw colour and a flavour with hints of fruits, oak, spices and vanilla that will win the hearts of the most refined whiskey connoisseurs.

A very carefully produced product in terms of production and in image.

It can be served at room temperature on its own, which is the way preferred by the most experienced whiskey connoisseurs, who prefer not to lose a note as a result of the cold; or chilled, in which case it is recommended to use the stones available in the market for this purpose that prevent melting ice from diluting the drink.

Productosdeasturias.com recommends responsible consumption.

Molín del Nora Gran Reserva whiskey has 40% alcohol content and is presented in a 75 cl rectangular bottle.

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