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Pack of three bottles of Cangas Vitheras wine including two pink and one white from this winery located in Cangas del Narcea. Vitheras makes its wine from traditional grape varieties from this wine-growing region in southwestern Asturias such as Albarín, Mencía and Verdejo.

This pack is presented in an elegant cardboard box that makes it ideal as a selection to discover the great works of this winery, perfect as a gift.

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The name of the Vitheras winery is synonymous with the essence of the region's wine culture; Asturias Heroic Viticulturists. The grapes with which its wines are made are harvested from slopes with more than 30% incline in vineyards dating back to 1556.

This PDO Cangas Wine is classified as heroic viticulture, due to the harsh conditions of harvesting the grapes by hand and at altitudes of over 500 m.

This pack contains one bottle of white wine made from white albarín grapes and whose production is limited to just 10,000 units. It is a pale yellow, clean and sparkling wine with a great aromatic intensity in which fresh fruit, citrus fruits and herbal notes predominate. Dry on the palate with medium acidity, very balanced and elegant.

The other two bottles in this pack are Lucía rosé wine, also made by the Vitheras winery. This wine is distinguished due to its bright colour and pronounced floral notes that accompany the light aroma of red fruits. Very pleasing and smooth on the palate, it stands out for its refreshing acidity.

Both of these Vitheras wines contain 13.5% alcohol, therefore moderate consumption is recommended.

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