APPLE GIN (50 cl.)

Molín del Nora

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High quality Asturias apple gin. An innovative product because it is the first Asturias gin made with apple, perfect for your cocktail hours and your after dinner drinks. Also, its presentation in a bottle with a side handle, inspired by the small carafes that were used decades ago to bottle alcohol and to go for water in the village fountain, makes this gin ideal for gifts.


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El Molín del Nora is a small Asturias liqueur factory that has distilled high-quality alcohol products since 1999, the year it was founded in the Siero Council, in the centre of Asturias.

Molín del Nora apple gin is made with alcohol distilled from the wheat grain that is fragranced with two botanical ingredients: juniper and apple, both dehydrated.

This Asturias apple gin, innovative for being the first such product on the market, is fermented a first time for several days, during which time the juice resulting from pressing and processing the wheat grain evolves to reach the optimum point for the first fermentation for making gin. At this stage of the process, El Molín del Nora artisan crafts people distil the fermented liquid in a copper still to obtain a neutral brandy that is flavoured with juniper berries and apple, both dehydrated products.

Alcohol content 40% Vol. recommends responsible consumption.


Molín del Nora apple gin is bottled in a 50 cl glass bottle

Gluten freeGluten free

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