Yantar de Pepe

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Ready-to-serve Asturias fabada stew made with Asturias beans


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El Yantar de Pepe Asturias fabada bean stew contains no allergens and is therefore one of the most perfect dishes that can be found in our online Asturias products store for those with celiac disorders.

It is packaged in a large format suitable for approximately seven to eight servings of Asturias bean stew. It is made from Asturias PGI beans and charcuterie cuts (chorizo, black sausage and pancetta bacon) of the highest quality and is prepared using traditional artisan techniques.

El Yantar de Pepe Asturias fabada bean stew is ready to serve. For the best preservation of the Asturias fabada bean stew, it is recommended to pour it into a non-metal container and keep it refrigerated. Then take out only the portion of Asturias fabada bean stew required for heating. The rest of the Asturias fabada bean stew, the same as in all Asturias households, is stored safely and in a way that preserves all of its flavour.


The Asturian fabada the Yantar de Pepe is available in two formats of sale:

  • Can of 430 grs: with 1 serving of fabada.
  • Can of 3.20 kgs: with 7-8 servings of cooked.

We recommend that once opened the can put the whole contents of it to a non-metallic container and store it in the refrigerator, so that only warm the rations you need. This will preserve all the flavor of the rest of the product.



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