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Authentic smoked Pría cheese in a format exclusively for professionals in the online store, designed to ensure optimum use of the product. Smooth and slightly smoked, Pría Smoked is one of the most famous Asturias cheeses for its quality.

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Asturias smoked Pría cheese is made from pasteurised cow’s and sheep’s milk and lightly smoked with fine woods (oak and beech) in the final maturing phase. This obtains a unique product with great quality.

Pría smoked cheese is perfect to offer on a good cheese board to satisfy the tastes of all your customers. It can also be used for gratin in pasta and fish dishes.

Remember that it is important to temper the product in order to enjoy its full flavour. Remove the cheese from refrigeration about 30 minutes before serving.

Store in the refrigerator.


The smoked Pría cheese comes in pieces of approximately 3 kg, and is also available in 500 g pieces.

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