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Traditionally crafted Asturias cheese, made in the well-known Porrua Dairy with cow, sheep and goat milk. It has a soft taste thanks to the cow milk, but is full of delicious nuances, given by the other milks.

Porrua is a small village in the west of Asturias. It belongs to the council of Llanes, located in the Cuera Mountain Range, an area with plenty of pastures in which cows, goats, and sheep live in partial freedom and where excellent milks are produced.

The Porrua 3 milk cheese is a semi-cured cheese, matured during 3 weeks and made with a mix of cow (50%), goat (25%), and sheep (25%) pasteurised milks. It has a thin cut and an exquisite and pleasant taste.

The Porrua 3 milk cheese pairs very well with any white wine from the PDO Cangas and it is perfect to make fresh dishes such as salad or to grind it over pasta. You can also enjoy its taste over a good slice of traditional bread.

Enjoy its full flavour by bringing the portion you are going to eat to room temperature fifteen minutes before eating. This way you will find in each bite all its flavours and nuances.

Keep refrigerated.


The Porrua 3 milk cheese comes in 440g pieces, vacuum packed.



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