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Tierra de Tineo
7,25 €

An exotic, semi-fresh cheese made from a blend of pasteurised cow’s, goat’s and sheep’s milk, which includes whole pieces of cranberry. The intense flavour of the cheese is mixed with the sour cranberry flavour offering a product of extraordinary quality

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7,29 €

A 500 g wedge of the famous Pría three-milk blue cheese, made in one of the most historic cheese factories in the region, founded in 1938. The Pría three-milk blue cheese is highly valued as a versatile cheese that is delicious in salads and on cheese boards. It also has a place as an ingredient in cooked dishes as it adds interesting flavours due to the...

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7,45 €

Authentic spanish smoked cheese made from pasteurised cow’s and sheep’s milk in Pría, an Asturias town in Llanes.

Quesos Porrua
7,50 €

Traditionally crafted Asturias cheese, made in the well-known Porrua Dairy with cow, sheep and goat milk. It has a soft taste thanks to the cow milk, but is full of delicious nuances, given by the other milks.

Quesería Bedon
7,60 €

Spanish cow’s and goat’s milk cheese is made from pasteurised cow’s and goat’s milk in Asturias, in the municipality of Posada de Llanes.  

Tierra Astur
8,25 €

This sheep's milk cheese is produced exclusively for Tierra Astur in Llanes (Eastern Asturias). Tierra Astur pure sheep's milk cheese is an entirely traditionally-made cheese that contains no additives or preservatives. Discover the quality of sheep's milk cheeses from Asturias.

Tierra de Tineo
8,25 €

Spanish 4-in-1 cheese pack is a selection of four wedges of Asturias cheeses made in the Tierra de Tineo dairy, using different milks and curing processes.

Quesos Taramundi
8,95 €

Matured Spanish cheese with a strong flavour made from raw cow’s and goat’s milk in one of the westernmost Asturias towns: Taramundi

Quesu Ovin
9,35 €

The famous Asturian cheese factory manufactures this pasteurised cow’s and goat’s milk cheese in the town that bears its name, in the municipality of Nava, in the central-eastern area of ​​Asturias.

Queso La Collada
9,80 €

La Collada sheep’s milk cheese is made from pasteurised sheep’s milk in the council of Amieva, in the eastern area of ​​Asturias. Is a extraordinary quality cheese and artisan production, with a very harmonious and balanced flavor. Discover an exquisite Asturian cheese of sheep's milk.

Tierra Astur
10,50 €

Tierra Astur Vidiago matured sheep's milk cheese presented in block format. Vacuum packed, Vidiago matured sheep's cheese is ideal to add to cheese boards or as an ingredient in sauces and cordon bleu.

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