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Tierra Astur
4,05 €

Pack of two traditional Spanish chorizo and blood sausages of great taste and quality.Ideal for making casseroles, stews and your favourite recipes; the amount of product is suitable for 6 to 8 people.

Tierra Astur
6,23 €

Spanish longaniza sausage, home-made using the traditional formula with a mixture of lean pork and beef, which has a minimum percentage of jaw (bacon) in order to guarantee that it is always an exquisite product. The light smoking process gives this sausage an excellent flavour and aroma.

Tierra Astur
5,00 €

Exquisite Asturias hand-made chorizo sausage, traditionally made and perfect for dishes such as Asturias 'fabada' bean stew, sausages in cider or simply and deliciously fried and accompanies with corn fritters, chips and eggs (in a traditional village dish), or even served raw on its own.

9,00 €

Exquisite sausage made with Gochu de Monte meat from Asturias (pigs raised in freedom in the Asturias mountains) and Asturias Vacuno Mayor. This sausage is made using 100% natural methods, with no preservatives or artificial colours; only garlic and paprika salt added to the meat mixture. It is cured in the port of Pajares; an area traditionally linked to...

Tierra Astur
4,68 €

An excellent Spanish chorizo sausage made from beef, lean pork, Iberian bacon, paprika, garlic, parsley, salt and spices.

6,00 €

Enjoy this delicious Asturias Gochu de Monte loin lessee obtained from the finest meats of these pigs born and raised in freedom in the principality. The Asturias Gochu de Monte project crosses Asturias sows with Duroc boars, resulting in products with better fat infiltration that results in high quality sausages.

Tierra Astur
6,18 €

Prepare the best stews of Asturias cuisine with these quality Asturias charcuterie cuts. The assortment includes traditionally-made sausage, traditionally-made black pudding, shoulder ham and pork bacon.

Tierra Astur
6,59 €

Exquisite original Spanish sausage, cured, made with wild boar meat, lean pork, Iberian bacon, Cabrales cheese, salt, sugar and spices. A sausage made using traditional artisan techniques and of good quality.

Tierra Astur
4,50 €

Asturias black sausage (north of Spain) premium quality, made with the traditional recipe that includes pork fat, blood, onion, paprika and salt.

4,46 €

Enjoy Asturias Gochu de Monte cular chorizo sausage; an authentic natural preserved sausage. Lean pork mixed only with garlic, paprika and salt and filled in natural casing. The Asturias Gochu de Monte cular chorizo sausage is a product of the highest quality that is very well received among consumers, who value its quality alongside that of Ibérico...

Tierra Astur
8,64 €

Asturias charcuterie cuts of excellent quality with the correct quantity of ingredients required to make 'fabada' bean stew and cabbage hotpots typical of Asturias. The charcuterie cuts package includes traditionally-made sausage, black sausage, pork shoulder ham and bacon.

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