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A tender and flavourful cut of beef that is ideal for grilling or on the barbecue, with a light touch of coarse salt. It can also be fried rolled up as a scallop and accompanied with your favourite cheese sauce and a potato or salad side.

The picaña is one of the juiciest red meats for grilling, barbecuing or baking since it has a good degree of fat infiltration, which makes it suitable for both cooking processes. The picaña weighs around two kilos, has a triangular shape and has a delicious layer of fat on the outside that gives it a unique flavour.

Beef picaña, a name that colloquially refers to mature beef, is the tender and juicy tip of the highest part of the rear quarter of the beef at its confluence with the end of the back. The animal, therefore, has two picañas, one on the right and one on the left of the animal's spine.

Keep refrigerated and open the package at least one hour before cooking. A strong smell of the meat may be released when opening the container, which will diffuse before cooking.


Crivencar beef picaña is vacuum-packed in approximately 2-kg pieces.

*This product is dispatched to the Spanish Mainland and Balearic Islands.

The picaña is a rod with an iron tip used in Latin America to spike cattle and thus direct them in the transit between pastures. This is where the name for this cut of very tasty beef comes from. In Spain, hardly any restaurants offer this beef cut to diners despite the fact that in Argentina and Brazil, two of the most traditional barbecuing countries, picaña is revered. If you are looking for restaurants that have picaña, Tierra Astur Cider houses offer it on the grill and also to cook at the table. Other names by which you can ask for picaña are rabillo de cadera and tapa del cuadril.

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