BEEF BURGER (2 uds.)


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Pack of two premium quality beef burgers prepared by expert butchers using the freshest ingredients.

The Crivencar beef burger is made exclusively with beef, commercially known as red meat, with a fat percentage of around 20%, which makes it a very juicy burger.

The secret to making a perfect burger is to start with the best freshly minced meat and mix it well, following the traditional technique for preparing homemade burgers.

The finest quality ingredients are used in the Crivencar beef burger, with good infiltration of the meat to obtain a very tasty burger with extraordinary flavour.

There are no other secrets to making a good burger: good meat, the right mixing and add a little salt and pepper to taste.

Keep refrigerated and open the package at least one hour before cooking. An intense smell when the package is opened is normal for this type of meat.



The Crivencar beef burger is vacuum-packed in two units weighing approximately 200 grams each.

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