Red meats (Beef) 

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12,50 €

Authentic beef sirloin of high quality, served in 150 gram portions, that can be prepared individually or together, depending on the diners and the menu chosen for lunch or dinner.

12,90 €

An excellent rib-eye beef fillet, from cuts of beef fillet impeccably selected for Crivencar. The product is obtained from cattle older than 3-4 years.

25,00 €

Authentic beef T-bone, of extraordinary quality from animals aged between three and four years. The T-bone is a smooth meat, with extraordinary flavour from the degree of fat infiltration of the meat; very juicy.

37,49 €

A tender and flavourful cut of beef that is ideal for grilling or on the barbecue, with a light touch of coarse salt. It can also be fried rolled up as a scallop and accompanied with your favourite cheese sauce and a potato or salad side.

100,00 €

A mature cut of the highest quality beef obtained from the leg of carefully selected cattle. Ideal for cutting into high-quality fillets and for special fillets for cordon bleu.

154,00 €

Fresh beef of the highest quality obtained from cows older than 48 months. Ideal for cutting into beef rib-eye steaks to prepare on the grill or pan frying.

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