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1,65 €

Delicious spanish rice pudding dessert made from fresh pasteurised cow’s milk, sugar, rice, cinnamon, lemon, anise and salt.

D.O.P. Cabrales
2,45 €

Cabrales blue cheese and medium-intensity cream cheese retains the flavours and aromas of Cabrales cheese and has a pleasant texture that will add a personal touch to your dishes.

2,90 €

Emberzao black sausage is a traditional Spanish fresh sausage, from Northern Spain, similar to black sausage, but cornmeal is added. The sausage is lightly cooked and wrapped in a cabbage leaf.

2,95 €

“Tejeiro” Spanish heavenly custard is a traditional spanish dessert that is prepared according to a traditional recipe with egg yolk and caramelised sugar.

3,42 €

Spanish salted ham from the front legs of the pig. A rich ingredient to flavour stews of potatoes, beans, chick peas, etc. It can also be broiled, baked or braised with a touch of hot sweet paprika, accompanied by hot boiled potatoes.

3,60 €

A white pork sausage, very typical of the city of Avilés in Northern Spain, made using traditional artisan methods with a careful selection of pork and spices, stuffed into natural casing.

3,90 €

Fresh sausage typical of Spain, widely cooked whole on the grill. It can also be enjoyed roasted or fried.

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D.O.P. Cabrales
3,95 €

A medium flavour cream cheese made with PDO Cabrales cheese and cider made in Asturias.

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Tierra Astur
4,25 €

Pack of two traditional Spanish chorizo and blood sausages of great taste and quality.Ideal for making casseroles, stews and your favourite recipes; the amount of product is suitable for 6 to 8 people.

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Tierra Astur
4,35 €

Asturias black sausage (north of Spain) premium quality, made with the traditional recipe that includes pork fat, blood, onion, paprika and salt.

Tierra de Tineo
4,35 €

Tierra de Tineo Afuega’l Pitu PDO white, cone-shape cheese has a mild flavour, from the Afuega’l Pitu PDO, made with pasteurised cow’s milk.

Yantar de Pepe
4,65 €

A rich Asturias hotpot made using artisan techniques with “farm beans”, water, cabbage, bacon, chorizo sausage, black sausage, pork, potatoes, olive oil, pepper and salt. A very traditional Spanish dish.

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