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Delicious spanish rice pudding dessert made from fresh pasteurised cow’s milk, sugar, rice, cinnamon, lemon, anise and salt.

22,70 €

Selection of four cheeses of Asturias presented on wooden board. Ideal for gifts.

Tierra Astur
6,90 €

Tierra Astur Asturias bean stew made with authentic beans covered by the PGI Asturias Beans quality seal, accompanied by chacuterie cuts of the highest quality, and seasoned with the finest ingredients.

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Tierra Astur
9,50 €

Asturias charcuterie cuts of excellent quality with the correct quantity of ingredients required to make 'fabada' bean stew and cabbage hotpots typical of Asturias. The charcuterie cuts package includes traditionally-made sausage, black sausage, pork shoulder ham and bacon.

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D.O.P. Cabrales
41,00 €

Cabrales is a blue cheese that is cured in caves in the Picos de Europa Natural Park, with a production process that obtains an extraordinarily flavoursome and high-quality cheese. Discover the authentic PDO Cabrales Cheese made using traditional artisan techniques from raw cow's milk, or a blend of three or two milks: cow's and goat's. Cabrales PDO...

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5,00 €

Authentic mincemeat made with lean wild boar and pancetta bacon; an exquisite flavour with a slightly spicy touch.

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Cabrales blue cheese and medium-intensity cream cheese retains the flavours and aromas of Cabrales cheese and has a pleasant texture that will add a personal touch to your dishes.

40,50 €

Authentic Albacore tuna extracted from high quality pieces and conserved in cans with olive oil and salt. A traditional canned fish of unrivalled quality, ideal to accompany delicious salads and pasta, or to enjoy on its own seasoned with a little salt and a dash of vinegar.

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Tierra Astur
18,50 €

Includes the ingredients required to prepare a traditional Asturias bean stew for four people. The pack includes: Asturias beans, chorizo sausage, black sausage, bacon, ham, and the recipe for the traditional Asturias bean stew.

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3,95 €

Emberzao black sausage is a traditional Spanish fresh sausage, from Northern Spain, similar to black sausage, but cornmeal is added. The sausage is lightly cooked and wrapped in a cabbage leaf.

Tierra Astur
14,50 €

Asturias Fabas PGI beans are ideal for preparing some of the most typical dishes of Asturias cuisine such as Asturias hotpot and Asturias 'fabada' bean stew. These faba beans belong to a special selection made by Tierra Astur and are protected under the Protected Geographical Indication, Asturias Faba Beans.   

Yantar de Pepe
4,65 €

A rich Asturias hotpot made using artisan techniques with “farm beans”, water, cabbage, bacon, chorizo sausage, black sausage, pork, potatoes, olive oil, pepper and salt. A very traditional Spanish dish.

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