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Traditional black sausage with onion ideal for preparing on the grill or barbecue and served with garnish of chips and/or salad.

4,25 € -20% 3,40 €

Exquisite mincemeat prepared in our workshop following the traditional Spanish mince recipe made in the region. This preparation is served fresh, and is also used for filling sausages that are cured to consume throughout the year.

Tierra Astur
4,35 € -20% 3,48 €

Asturias black sausage (north of Spain) premium quality, made with the traditional recipe that includes pork fat, blood, onion, paprika and salt.

Tierra Astur
5,25 € -20% 4,20 €

Prepare the best stews of Asturias cuisine with these quality Asturias charcuterie cuts. The assortment includes traditionally-made sausage, traditionally-made black pudding, shoulder ham and pork bacon.

Tierra Astur
5,30 € -20% 4,24 €

Exquisite Asturias hand-made chorizo sausage, traditionally made and perfect for dishes such as Asturias 'fabada' bean stew, sausages in cider or simply and deliciously fried and accompanies with corn fritters, chips and eggs (in a traditional village dish), or even served raw on its own.

Tierra Astur
8,00 € -20% 6,40 €

Asturias charcuterie cuts of excellent quality with the correct quantity of ingredients required to make 'fabada' bean stew and cabbage hotpots typical of Asturias. The charcuterie cuts package includes traditionally-made sausage, black sausage, pork shoulder ham and bacon.

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