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1,00 € 1,35 €

A traditional rice dessert made from fresh pasteurised cow’s milk, sugar, rice, cinnamon, lemon, anise and salt, and no kind of additive. Produced using traditional artisan techniques.

Tierra Astur
1,95 € 2,55 €

The famous Spanish scorpion pâté made using artisan techniques for Tierra Astur. This is a pâté with an exquisite sea flavour that is best served at room temperature accompanied by toast for spreading.

La Collotense
1,95 € 2,50 €

Traditional-recipe apple jelly made with sugar, with an intense sugared-apple flavour. No additives or preservatives. Minimum fruit content: 50%.

3,50 € 4,60 €

Wholemeal spelt flour, 100% organic production. This flour has a high gastronomic value and an intense flavour that is very different from other flours.    

Quesos Porrua
3,75 € 4,95 €

Porrúa is a spanish mild-intensity cow’s milk cheese’s made from pasteurised cow’s milk in different villages around Porrúa in Asturias on its boundary with the northern foothills of the Sierra del Cuera mountain range.

Tierra Astur
5,50 € 7,15 €

These artisan biscuits are exclusively made for Tierra Astur with asturias traditional ingredients, and with the pleasant aroma and flavour of apple, which is achieved using authentic apple jam as an ingredient.

Tierra Astur
5,50 € 6,90 €

Tierra Astur Asturias bean stew made with authentic beans covered by the PGI Asturias Beans quality seal, accompanied by chacuterie cuts of the highest quality, and seasoned with the finest ingredients.

6,50 € 7,50 €

Authentic Spanish veal scallops Asturias PGI prepared in our butchery used for traditional Spanish cuisine.

Tierra Astur
6,50 € 8,25 €

Box of two bottles of Spanish traditional cider including a cider glass needed for pouring, and with a handle for easy carrying. 

La Chivita
9,65 € 12,00 €

Spanish cheese made from raw goat’s milk in Buelles, a town located in the municipality of Peñamellera Baja.

12,00 € 13,75 €

Natural traditional cider made in the famous Trabanco presses in Gijon (Asturias, Spain), served with a pourer.

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