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Spanish albacore tuna in olive oil is extracted from a careful selection of Albacore tuna, then preserved in olive oil and salt, creating a unique Spanish product.

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Albacore tuna is a magnificent fish that thrives in some of the harshest seas on the planet. It is fished in the summer months and, thanks to modern advances in canning techniques and other storage methods, this delicacy from the high seas can be enjoyed throughout the year.

To make the Tierra Astur tuna in olive oil, the artisan canning company selects the finest pieces from the catch and the master canner applies all of their knowledge about processing the fish in such a way that guarantees respect for all of the tuna's properties and intense flavours.

The secret to good canning is that the product must be sealed as quickly as possible and that the best possible oil is used.
These Tierra Astur tuna steaks in olive oil are perfect to go with any salad, to make the famous Asturias tuna-stuffed onions and traditional Asturias savoury pastries... just three of the many ways that the versatile Albacore tuna can be prepared.

Tierra Astur tuna in olive oil comes in elegant 450 g glass jars; perfect to include in a hamper of Asturias gifts. Once opened, it is recommended to remove the content from the packaging and store it in the refrigerator in a suitable container.

This product combines perfectly with a Monasterio de Corias Viña Grandiella Cangas PDO white wine, with Tierra Astur natural cider or with Asturias Poma Áurea PDO brut cider.

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