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Asturias artisan conserve of organic Albacore tuna steaks. High-quality canned tuna, perfect for salads and fresh appetisers.

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El Pescador tuna in extra virgin olive oil is an Asturias preserve made using organic artisan processes in Tapia de Casariego, a fishing village in western Asturias that is part of the canning industry history of the products offered by the Cantabrian Sea.

This product is one of the foods suitable for those with coeliac dietary requirements available on

A product of extraordinary quality that is made using artisan techniques from catching the fish through to canning the finished product. Albacore tuna thus conserves each and every one of its properties and qualities. The secret to the high quality of El Viejo Pescador conserved products is in the careful handling of the fish, especially in the case of Albacore tuna, which is cooked, peeled and cut into steaks that are packaged by hand. Each piece must pass all the rigorous quality controls to which El Pescador tuna in extra virgin olive oil, one of the best-known and best-quality Asturias organic preserves, is subjected.

El Pescador Albacore tuna in extra virgin olive oil is carefully packaged using traditional techniques; perfect for a gift or to include in a hamper of Asturias gourmet products.


El Viejo Pescador organic Albacore tuna is vacuum packaged in a 230 g glass jar.

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