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9,70 €

Box of two bottles of traditional cider made in the famous Trabanco presses (in Gijón, Asturias) including a cider glass, ideal for pouring.

Llagar Fonciello
9,70 €

High quality Spanish cider, made with 22 varieties of native apple. The pack contains two bottles of Asturias cider, a traditional cider glass and a stopper for easy pouring.  

Sidra Crespo
11,70 €

Spanish natural cider for pouring made in the cider region of Asturias (Colunga).

Tierra Astur
13,60 €

Spanish Natural cider for pouring, high quality, made for the Tierra Astur brand by famous cider presses in Trabanco, Gijon.

13,75 €

Natural traditional cider made in the famous Trabanco presses in Gijon (Asturias, Spain), served with a pourer.

Llagar Fonciello
14,25 €

Asturias cider PDO produced by Llagar Fonciello from 22 different varieties of Asturias apples.

16,50 €

Spanish Natural cider made in the Trabanco presses in Gijon (Asturias, Spain). Only Asturias cider apples are used in its production.

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