Monasterio de Corias

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Asturias free-run rosé wine made by the renowned winery Monasterio de Corias. Not covered by the PDO Vinos de Cangas, this free-run rosé wine is produced from Carrasquín grapes following a careful production process that guarantees a high quality product. A rosé wine made using all of Monasterio de Corias winery's viticulture experience.

The Tsana free-run rosé is an Asturias wine made by the Monasterio de Corias winery in the town of Cangas del Narcea, producer of renowned white and red wines with Cangas Protected Designation of Origin.

This rosé, despite that it has been made using traditional artisan techniques and that the final product is of the highest quality, is not under the protection of the Cangas PDO Regulatory Council because the grapes with which it is made and the finished product have not yet completed the integration process. However, it is only a matter of time before this rosé wine is added to the Asturias wines with a protected designation of origin.

A free-run wine has its origin in the must that is obtained by decanting the liquid that results from the weight of the pile of grapes. In other words, it is not mechanically pressed until the end of the process so that a high-quality must is obtained, light and with hardly any essences of wood, botanical matter or similar nuances that can be found in white and red wines.

Free-run rosé is subsequently made using a process similar to that of any rosé with the uniqueness of a wine classified within those produced with a heroic viticulture process, as well as all wines covered under the Cangas PDO.

Tsana free-run rosé is a light Asturias wine, clearly fruity, fresh, with very light raspberry colour and perfect for accompanying an Asturias blue cheese or any fish.

Alcohol content 12% Vol. recommends responsible consumption.


Tsana free-run rosé is bottled in a 75 cl glass bottle.


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