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Authentic de Asturias pitu de caleya, a native chicken breed of the region that is raised in villages on natural food with no processed chicken feed. An exclusive product for its intensity of taste and its natural quality.

Choose the format that best suits your recipe: WHOLE or PIECES.

PRODUCT NOTE: It is an exclusive product of the Christmas season


The meat of the pitu de caleya chicken is a flavoursome and natural meat, ideal for all kinds of chicken recipes. Pitu de caleya chickens feed on the natural resources of the fields and they are free range, which means their meat has less fat and a more intense flavour. The meat that requires more cooking time than conventional chickens, and its tone is darker. The result will be a dish of extraordinary flavour that will bring tradition and quality to your family meals and dinners.

Enjoy an exclusive product and be amazed by the extraordinary taste of authentic Asturias chicken.

Store in the refrigerator.


Crivencar pitu de caleya chicken is packaged in pieces weighing approximately 4.5 kg. You can order your pitu de caleya as:

  • A whole piece.
  • Chopped for stewing.
Gluten free Gluten free

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