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Discover authentic Asturias meats with this special pack. It contains fresh Asturias PGI beef as well as a delicious rib-eye steak or an exquisite Asturias Gochu de Monte loin.



A tray of excellent quality Asturias PGI Beef fillets (500 g). They are perfect to enjoy grilled with fried peppers.

Tray of rib-eye steak (2 units of 200 g). It is a red and smooth meat with a maturity point that gives this product an intense flavour and juiciness.

Tray of fresh Asturias Gochu de Monte loin (300 g). A delicious loin strip cut into slices, ideal to grill or barbecue. One of the most traditional cuts of pork to enjoy the intense flavour of the meat of these animals raised on chestnuts and Asturias spelt.

A delicious breaded cordon bleu (350 g) with Asturias PGI Beef and filled with serrano ham and PDO Gamonéu cheese. A cordon bleu with character and intense smoky flavour.

Tray of hamburgers made with 100% Asturias PGI Beef (2 units of 200 g).


This pack of Asturias meats weighs approximately 2 kg. All the pieces in this pack are individually vacuum packed and then arranged in a box for transport.

This product is shipped cold. Keep the products in the refrigerator and open the containers approximately one hour before serving.

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