BEEF CORDON BLEU (with Serrano ham and Oscos cheese) BREADED (1 piece - 350 g Approx.)


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Try an authentic Asturias cordon bleu. If you are a lover of traditional flavours this is a dish for you. Asturias PGI beef, filled with the finest Serrano ham and Tres Oscos cheese. Now you can also buy it already breaded, so all you have to do is fry it in a pan. 


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Enjoy the flavour of authentic Asturias cordon bleu filled with ham and cheese. Enjoy this premium quality product made from Asturias PGI Beef, the finest smoked ham and Asturias Tres Oscos cheese.

The beef used in this preparation is from animals less than 12 months old born and raised in the Asturias Principality, which guarantees its quality and its extreme tenderness.

These cordon bleu have been prepared by master butchers who apply their experience from making thousands of cordon bleus every year.

In this case, the Tres Oscos ham and cheese cordon bleu is breaded and sealed in individual packages; all you need to do is fry it and serve. It is recommended to cook it in very hot olive oil and leave it rest on absorbent paper before serving.

Remove the cordon bleu from its packaging at least one hour before cooking.

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