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Asturias Beef sirloin butchered by Productos de Asturias master butchers and from animals of Asturias breeds, born, raised and butchered in the principality.

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Enjoy a real Asturias Vacuno Mayor sirloin beef; from cattle over 18 months and protected by the Asturias Beef PGI. This sirloin has a unique tenderness and flavour that can be enjoyed by the whole family; since it is easy to chew, it is ideal for adults and children alike.

Accompany the Asturias Beef sirloin with a side of fresh foie, a good pepper sauce, a Pedro Ximénez Sauce and a side of chips or salad, etc. highly versatile and very easy to prepare.


This Asturias Beef sirloin is presented vacuum packed in 250grs pieces. It is recommended to remove it from the packaging at least one hour before serving.

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