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Salsas Asturianas
1,95 €

A typical gourmet-quality spicy salsa brava sauce made with olive oil using traditional artisan methods. No added colouring agents.

Salsas Asturianas
2,90 €

A Spanish sauce made using traditional artisan methods with five peppers (black pepper, green pepper, white pepper, red pepper and sweet pepper), water, cream, butter, salt and spices.

Salsas Asturianas
3,20 €

A Spanish sauce made with cream, butter, salt, and one of the most flavoursome of mushrooms, the Boletus edulis.

Salsas Asturianas
3,95 €

A Spanish sauce made with honey, mustard, water, vinegar, mustard seeds and salt. A sweet and sour sauce that balances the acidity and bitterness of mustard with the sweetness of natural Spanish honey.

Salsas Asturianas
4,00 €

A Spanish sauce made with young wine and Pedro Ximenez wine macerated with sugar, water, raisins and salt. An exquisite gourmet sauce that adds depth of flavour and delicious nuances to your dishes.

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