Alta Sierra de Tineo

6,64 €

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Special asturias sausage is a spanish sausage called "botillo asturiano" made from cured and raw meat in a rounded and irregular shape, made using artisan techniques with pork ribs, rabadal (spine), salt, garlic and paprika.

Crafted with high quality pork meat from the cutting, seasoned with salt, garlic and paprika and then stuffed and cooked. It is excellent as an accompaniment to stews of potato, bean, chickpea ...

Although botillo is a typical product of Asturias there is also a tradition in the manufacture of this product that products deasturias.com puts at your disposal as a sample of its extraordinary quality.

It is excellent as an accompaniment to stews made from potatoes, beans, chickpeas, etc.

“Alta Sierra de Tineo” botillo sausage is packaged in an easy-open 850 g can.

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