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Traditional stewed Asturias PGI beef ribs recipe.

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The Tierra Astur Asturias PGI beef ribs are cooked and ready-to-serve made from Asturias PGI beef from Asturias Valley and Asturias Mountain cattle breeds. The meat on these beef ribs is full of flavour, tender and delicious and with little fat infiltration because the cattle are very young at the time of slaughter.

There are as many variations for beef rib stew recipes as there are villages in Asturias. For this product, a traditional recipe has been chosen to ensure that the flavour of the meat predominates over any other ingredient. Tierra Astur Asturias PGI beef ribs are therefore made with olive oil, onion and white wine, ingredients that are found in all Asturias kitchens.

Tierra Astur Asturias PGI beef ribs can be accompanied by different side dishes. From the classic fried potatoes or rice as well as delicious Asturias corn 'torto' (fritters), one of the symbols of traditional Asturias cuisine.

This product is also one of the meat dishes suitable for those with coeliac dietary requirements because they do not contain gluten.

This product comes in large canned format and does not require refrigeration, as long as it is always kept closed. Once opened, use suitable containers for heating and for storage.ç


Tierra Astur Asturias PGI beef ribs are packaged in a 1 kg can. Ready to heat and serve.


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