Lotes de carnes asturianas 

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25,00 €

Pack of high-quality Asturias meats, prepared in special cuts for cooking on the grill or barbecue. The quantity of product for sharing between four people.

28,00 €

Enjoy authentic Organic Asturias Beef with this pack of fresh meats.This organic beef has a double guarantee seal; it is protected by PGI standards as well as the mandatory standards required for it to display the organic production seal. Two seals with the same commitment. 

60,00 €

The perfect selection pack to discover Asturias meats with quality seals: Organic Asturias Beef, Asturias PGI Beef, Asturias Prime Beef and Asturias Gochu de Monte.    

52,00 €

Discover authentic Asturias meats with this special pack. It contains fresh Asturias PGI beef as well as a delicious rib-eye steak or an exquisite Asturias Gochu de Monte loin. 

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