Round metal tray Tierra Astur

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Metal tray with edge to prevent falls.

Format: 36x5 cm.

Tierra Astur metal tray is a stand designed exclusively for Tierra Astur Cider houses as a service tray for the pota coffee in one of its traditional cider houses and, therefore, has the endorsement of this trademark as a synonym of quality and personal style .

The product we present is 36 centimeters in diameter and 5 centimeters in perimeter border. The diameter is perfect to place the tray in the center of the table with the service of coffee or with the service of Asturian liquors to continue with the gathering that always follows a good meal in Asturias.

This measure is large enough for the Tierra Astur metal tray to be versatile in terms of the items it can transport and also tight enough so that it does not generate any space problems when placed in the center of the table. In addition, the perimeter border that surrounds the base of the tray, of 5 centimeters of height, prevents that everything that falls none of the articles that are transported in the metallic tray Tierra Astur, marks that, in addition to using this tray in a of its Asturian cider houses, it is also the decorative motif of this elegant and informal service tray. It is a different gift that can be complemented with an Astur Asturian liquor assortment so that this, the gift, is remembered as a different and fun detail.