La Collotense

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Sweet Asturias quince jam made using artisan techniques using the finest raw material: quinces in their natural state, ripe and soft to the touch. The quince is low in sugar and prepared as a jam it is perfect to go with your snacks, your cheese platters or for baking.

This quince jam is made in La Collotense from the finest raw material, thus achieving a high quality product. Quince is a fruit related to apples and pears, with a low sugar content and high in pectin, which is a very important natural thickener when it comes to making sweets.

La Collotense quince jam is a perfect accompaniment to a platter of Asturias cheeses, especially blue or semi-blue cheeses, and is also frequently used as a filling for sweet dumplings, pastries or as a layer on a homemade cake to give it a special touch, flavoursome and just the right amount of sweet.

This product is suitable for those with coeliac disordersIt does not need to be refrigerated until the container has been opened. Once opened, it is best stored in the refrigerator. To enjoy all the flavour of quince jam it is recommended to remove it from the refrigerator a few minutes before serving.


La Collotense quince jam is packaged in a 400 g plastic tub.

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