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Jam made from organically produced kiwi fruit from Asturias.

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Agrecoastur kiwi jam is an Asturias organic jam that perfectly meets the requirements of the finest organic jams and thus ensures the full satisfaction of consumers who support responsible consumption, sustainable development, preserving the regional roots of the product and, ultimately, conserving Asturias rural populations.

Agrecoastur is an Asturias cooperative founded in 2007 in the Redes Natural Park in La Sidra Region, an area of ​​eastern Asturias renowned for its cider culture and tradition. Since its foundation, the cooperative has specialised in bringing together the result of the work of small producers, families of farmers and young entrepreneurs with fresh products and traditional organic production methods.

Years later, Agrecoastur has become a leader in organic production in Asturias, offering a quality guarantee and exclusive products in very limited production batches.

This traditionally made kiwi jam is organically produced from Asturias kiwi fruit and with a minimum contribution of cane sugar, which is also organic. Visually, this jam has the expected colour of the kiwi pulp, brownish due to the jam-making process and on the nose arouses interest in its acid nuances that are offset by the balanced sweetness on the palate.
The product is presented in a hermetically sealed jar that must be kept refrigerated once it has been opened for consumption.


Agrecoastur organic kiwi fruit jam is packaged in a 260 g glass jar.

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